Thursday, July 5, 2018 your dream!

Hi everyone!!!! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!
I hope everyone is having their best days ever.....

Speaking of best days ever.....
My new kit is inspired by a special princess's best day ever

it contains 14 papers, 9 flowers, 2 leaves, 8 ribbons, a border, a flower scatter, a tower, a princess, a tiara, a flair,  2 frames, a hairbrush, a bow, a skillet, a banner, a paint brush, a light scatter, 2 arrows, 3 lanterns,  a piece of lace, a sun, laced strings, a chameleon, a stitched line, a lily, a paint splatter,
9 word tags, a sparkle trail, a hair ribbon, a berry stem and an alpha...

and here is some inspiration from my wonderful CT

and here is a little gift from me


  1. How beautiful! And she's my granddaughter's newest favorite princess.

  2. Wow, you really out did yourself on your last new kits! Thank you for the gift!

  3. Awesome alpha !! Thank you :)