Monday, October 30, 2017

Makin' a Splash!

Hi everyone...

I have good and bad news.....

The good news is that I have a splashin' new collection! I have had many requests for a water park kit.... and so here it is!

this kit includes 21 papers, 6 flowers, 10 ribbons, 3 ricracs,  3 leaves, a palm tree, 2 surfboards, 9 splash elements, 2 wave elements, a barrel, a mask element, 4 waterslide elements, 2 borders, a string, a bow, 3 innertube elements,  a geyser,  a pile of rocks, a silhouette, 3 frames,  a fishnet, a rope with knot, 3 flipflops, a stamp, 11 word tags, 6 miscellaneous elements and 2 alphas.

and now with the bad news.....

My dear friend and CT member, Linda has decided to retire from the scrappin world. She wants to devote more time to family and I think that is wonderful. She will be missed!!!!!

Here is some inspiration by my wonderful CT

and one from me

 and a little something to share


  1. OMG....Thank you!! I LOVE this kit! We love the water parks. I take a water camera so I have a lot of pictures. There isn't a lot of kits out there for the them. Again thank you!

  2. Awesome kit! We'll sure miss Linda.

  3. I haven't been to a water park since my kids were really young, but I still love that you did a lovely quick page for us, thank you Natalie!