Monday, June 30, 2014

Back to the Hollow

Hi All!!! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! We just got back from a wonderful week in the woods.... where we got to spend some quality time with one of favorite people in the world.. my grandpa.
Now.... my grandpa is a true inspiration!   He turned 90 this year... and yet he is still in two bowling leagues, plays pinochle in two different groups every week, has a standing lunch date with both my Dad and my aunt on Thursdays and Fridays, still mows and tends the property on his 4 acre farm and much more as part of his busy schedule. He is so busy in fact...that we had to schedule this time with him this past week two months in advance!  We played pinochle for 6 hours one day and only had to leave because the kids got bored!  I sure hope I can have that kind of a full and active life when I'm 90!

Here is my latest..
Inspired by the water talent fairy..... this kit's cool colors and touches of bling will add a splash to your project.....
This kit contains 15 papers, 11 flowers, 4 leaves, 6 frames a flourish, 7 ribbons, 6 ricracs, 2 strings, a string and jewel element, a stitched line, stitched water drops, grass, a glitter trail, a sparkle trail, 4 dragonflies, 2 mushroom, a dewdrop string, 6 buttons, 2 berry picks, a bling element, a scalloped border, a piece of lace, a circle element, a sequin scatters, 5 sequin circles, bubbles, a fairy, a fairy wing and an alpha.

I hope you like it




and here is a bit of inspiration from my team...
and one from me from the Flower & Garden Festival last year
and a little gift from me
and as always