Friday, March 14, 2014

Discover Exotic Asia.....

Hi everyone...... who else is sick of winter!!?!   I just can't believe how brutal it's been this year!  So as we're holed up I have been dreaming of and planning for our next trip to Disney.  Last year, I got the opportunity the take my daughter on a surprise trip as a graduation present. While we were in Florida... we got the chance to meet up some good friends and the tourists (us) got to show the locals something new..... Maharajah Jungle Trek! It was so cool to see someone else have the same wide eyed reaction that we had the first time we experienced it.  My newest kit was inspired by this wonderful area of Disney World...

it has 19 papers, 10 flowers, 5 leaves, 11 ribbons, a ribbon wrap, a piece of raffia, 2 ricracs, a baker's twine, 2 strings, 3 tags, 5 frames, 3 borders, 4 chip birds, a crane, a scatter, a snow scatter, a glitter scatter, a snowflake, a mountain, a tiger, a yeti, a screw, 2 stitches, a yinyan symbol, a Buddha statue, a birdhouse, a dharma flag bunting, a rickshaw, a tour flag, a tie, a staple, broken rails, a tear, binoculars, a hanging bat, a bamboo border, a mesh overlay, 2 flourishes, a milkcap, a Tibetan circle element, an Asian coin element and three alphas

I hope you like it!





and some Asian influence from my wonderful team!


and one from me...
  and here's a little gift from me ...


  1. Natalie, it's beautiful!!

  2. Natalie, Love the new kit. It bring back sure great memories of our visti there. Thanks for the wonderful freebie!!!!

  3. What a beautiful kit! Thank you for the freebie.