Saturday, August 24, 2013

Part of Her World

I am been asked many, many  times to create  a kit for a special mermaid. Considering that the Grotto is a MUST DO ever trip... (my daughter would stand in line for HOURS to meet Ariel!) I'm surprised I haven't done this sooner. Loaded with fish and sea plants.... you have everything here to create your own Under the Sea adventure!

it has 26 papers, 11 flowers, 4 leaf elements, 3 borders, 4 frames, 2 lace ribbons, 5 curly ribbons, 6 straight ribbons, a net ribbon, 1 ricrac, 3 flairs, 7 shell elements, 3 seahorse elements, 2 starfish elements, 7 fish elements, a school of fish, a dolphin, a crab, a trident, a fork, a stack of books, a golden castle, a word stamp, 4 acrylic elements, a banner, a bow, three bubble elements, 6 seaplant elements, a Neptune statue, a pipe with bubbles, 2 flourishes, a seagull, a mermaid tail, a splash, a gold splatter, a wave element, 4 spiral elements, a circle element, 7 miscellaneous elements, a mermaid and two alphas.

I hope you like it!

and let take a journey under the sea with my CT for a little inspiration

and one from me

 and I could leave you empty handed so here is a little add-on freebie to share

and as always


  1. Thank you Natalie. You always create such wonderful kits. I wish I had half of the talent you have in your pinkie.

  2. Thank you for the beautiful freebie!