Tuesday, August 2, 2011

the happiest cruise that ever sailed...........

I made this next kit for my son..... It's a Small World has been and continues to be one of his favorite attractions in all of Disney. Even though he can't speak, we can usually read whether or not he likes or doesn't like something that we do. We didn't know how much he really loved this wonderful boat ride until the year we went to Disney and IASW was under reburbishment. As we were walking from Fantasyland to Liberty Square, he began flailing wildly to his right.... My husband and I went right into our "what is he trying to tell us" mode. As we continued to move away from the boarded up attraction, poor Danny began to cry. Not an angry cry but a sad, almost desperate cry. That's when we realized he wanted to ride the one attraction that he couldn't and we couldn't explain it to him! Needless to say... we stayed clear of that area of the park for the rest of our stay and we make it a point to ride it as many times as possible. This kit is inspired by this journey around the world. I hope you like it!


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I have to say that I have the greatest CT is the world..... they always seem to "get" me and what I create. When they send me a layout from a new kit, I am like a child on Christmas morning.
I want to take a moment and thanks each of them for their friendship and support.
Thanks Ladies!!!!

and here's a couple from me...
The first is using Emma's Template from MS Template Challenge 75
(awesome template BTW....Emma!)

and this one is for MS Scraplift Challenge 26 and I scraplifted Monica's wonderful layout!

and I can't leave you without a little something for just stopping by

and as always... thanks for stopping by my little corer of the world!