Saturday, July 24, 2021

at the Crystal Palace

 Hi everyone!

I hope the summer has been a good one for you so far....

here is my latest..... it's one of my favorite places in Disney!

Welcome to Crystal Palace!

this kit includes 17 papers, 8 flowers, 7 leaves, 3 ribbons, 7 trims, 3 frames, a pearl spray, a border, 2 diecuts, a plate, a knife, a fork , a spoon, a Crystal Palace Element, 7 flairs, 4 icons, a Victorian element, 2 flourishes, 11 word tags and an alpha.

and a little inspiration

and a gift from me...

Monday, July 19, 2021

Take a walk on the Dark Side!

 Hi everyone.....

No Galaxy's Edge Collection would be complete without a visit to the Dark Side

Welcome to the Dark Side!

This kit contains 12 papers, 4 ribbons, 1 ricrac, 1 trim, a chevron, 2 flower elements, 1 frame, 5 hex elements, 2 borders, 2 arrows, a lightsaber, 2 Vader elements, 6 themed elements and 12 word tags

check out this cool layout for a little inspiration

and a freebie from me!

It's time for Beach Bash

 Hi everyone!  I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

To keep with a summer vibe.... here is my latest

Welcome to Cape May Cafe!

this kit includes 16 papers, 7 flowers, 3 leaves, 4 ribbons, 1 ricrac, 1 bow, 2 trims, 3 frames, a pearl spray, 2 seahorses, 3 shells, 4 croquet mallets, 4 croquet balls, 4 beach chairs, 2 beach umbrellas, 2 pails, 2 shovels, a starfish, a crab, a shrimp, 2 clams, a sandcastle, 2 sand elements, a seafoam overlay, a fishnet overlay, a waffle, a pastry, an ear of corn,a plate, a knife, a fork, a spoon, a napkin, 4 icon elements, 13 word tags and 2 alphas

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here is some inspiration from my CT

and a little something to share

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Let's Meet another Droid


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and here is a little gift from me

Tuesday, April 27, 2021



Hi everyone!  I hope everyone is doing well. 

Canada, Eh? This is my tribute to a neighbors to the North!

this kit contains 22 papers, 7 ribbons, a ricrac, 6 flowers, 4 leaves, a leaf element, 2 pine branches, 2 pine cone elements, 2 bows, 2 buntings, 4 frames, a border, a moose, a bear, a beaver, a mountie hat, maple syrup, a hockey stick, a hockey puck, 11 buttons, a compass, a canadian goose, an arrow, an axe, a beer bottle, 3 trims, a totem pole, a wood slice, a leaf scatter, stitching, 9 themed elements and an alpha.

a little inspiration

and a gift from me

Monday, April 26, 2021

Do you wanna build a Lightsaber?

 well if you do...... than this is the kit for you!

this kit contains 15 papers, 4 crystals, 4 trims, 4 symbol elements, 5 hex elements, 4 lightsabers, a jedi, 7 flowers, a frame, a flair, 3 ribbons, 6 vector elements, and 19 word tags

some inspiration from my team!

and a little gift from me

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Are you Curious?

 Well I am..... and so is our friend Alice!

Welcome to Wonderland! whether you're meeting Alice or spinning in a teacup.... this kit is for you!

It contains 25 papers, 9 flowers, 6 leaves, 8 frames, 3 ribbons, 2 ricracs, 5 spirals, a bow, a border, 3 playing cards, a hat, a rabbit, a key, 3 lanterns, a mushroom, music note element, a paint brush, a paint stroke, a bottle, a butterfly, a rocking horse fly, bluebells, an Alice element, a watch, a teacup, a stack of teacups, a teapot, 3 themed elements, a piece of lace, 16 word tags and an alpha.

here is some inspiration from my CT

and a gift from me....