Sunday, October 3, 2010

Getting ready for Halloween in Disney!!!!

Two weeks from today we will be arriving at our favorite place in the World! We are soooooo excited!!!! I've been packing and planning and packing and planning some more. Erin and I sat and perused the menus for the Food & Wine Festival and she seems to want to get experimental!!!!!!!! I'm really thrilled about meeting some of my fellow Mousescrappers in Florida this trip. I have the opportunity to meet two of the members of my CT.....Cynthia and Lisa!!!!!!!!!!!

Erin is all set for MNSSHP..............

To get ready, I have been designing Halloween Stuff.....lots & lots of Halloween Stuff. I plan to release the "Boo To You" Kits on Thursday, October 7. This will be my last kit before we leave on our trip!
Here's a peek at them...........

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  1. Have a great time Natalie! I can't wait to get these kits ... love all the colors I see!

  2. Great page! I'd rather be no place in the entire world than at Disney! Especially this time of year, we LOVE MNSSHP!!!!

    Have a great trip!

    Love your blog background!


  3. OMG I am so excited, can't wait until Thursday! See you in Disney!

  4. Oh My 3 kits? Fantastic!!!
    Im excited about it since we also are going to MNSSHP
    I better get my wallet ready

  5. Can you purchase these kits?