Monday, May 31, 2010

To Infinity.........and beyond!!!

To further celebrate the release of TS3, I have also been working on some stuff for Buzz! I bought TS1 & TS2 on BlueRay for my son for Christmas and got coupons for free movie tickets for TS3!  I am releasing this as a Mini-Kit instead of a full kit  because of a special request. There will probably be a Part 2 in the near future.

Here is a page that I scrapped with this kit

and this one is by Cynthia! She takes the BEST photos!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just Another Big Cheese

On Monday, I was thrilled to be able to participate in my very first speed scrap! It was hosted by Kelly on Mousescrappers. I was planning to do a Mickey Mouse layout, so I created a couple of papers that morning and chose my photos. The Challenge started at 2 and finished at 6. During that time the ideas and elements started to come together for my newest kit..... Just Another Big Cheese
This is my layout for the challenge

Because my boss actually gave me two whole days off in a row.... I was able to keep going it my red, yellow and black mode and I finished the kit
It contains 9 papers, 40 elements and an uppercase alpha......

I also used the kit to complete Template Challenge 13 on Mousescrappers.
Thanks to Emma for a great template!!

and Cindy put this wonderful layout together.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Meetin' Woody & Jessie

These are the layouts that Cindy did with the You've Got a Friend Kit! I think they are wonderful..... her pics are great! I wish I could get my husband to "play along" with my photo obsession as much as her Neil! I wish I could tell him personally how much it means to her that he does that!

but anyway..... check these out!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Can't wait for TS3!!!!!

Everyone in my house LOVES Toy Story and we can't wait for the new movie to come out! Buzz and Woody are two of my son, Danny's favorite characters EVER! We try to always meet them when we are at Disney. My new kit.... You've Got a Friend.... is all about the Rootin'ist Tootin'ist Cowboy in the Wild, Wild West. Yes..... I'm talkin' about Woody!
This is the new kit.  There are 9 papers, 39 elements and a full Alpha

Here are a couple of pages I scrapped with the kit. The first one is for this weeks Mousescrappers Template
Challenge hosted by Britt. It is a fantastic Template and I loved using it.

This one was for a Telephone Challenge on Mousescrappers. These are a lot of fun. One person starts with the challenge by sending their layout to the second player. The layout is "secretly" scraplifted and sent to the next player. The transformations are really cool!

and this whole adventure is a whole lot more fun with a few freebies!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Colors of Tiana

For this week's challenge on, Melissa (Yzerbear19) challenged us to create a layout using the colors of Princess Tiana. I love this color fact, earlier that day I had just bought an eyeshadow kit with those exact colors in it!
As I was creating the elements for this layout.... I decided to put them together as a mini kit.

Here is my layout

and here is the kit

Friday, May 14, 2010

Here is my second Kit!

Song of the South is one of my daughter's favorite movies. We watched the Zip-A-Dee-Do-Da Sing-Along-Songs Video until it wore out  then I searched the internet and found a copy of Song of the South for her. Splash Mountain is one of our favorite rides (ANYWHERE!!!!) and we've been lucky enough to meet all three Brers..... Brer Rabbit, Brer Bear and Brer Fox! This kit, called Briar Patch, is based on the sights and songs fom this movie      It has 12 papers,  47 elements and a full alpha..... I hope you like it!

Here is a a few pages that I created with it.  One was for a challenge on Mousescrappers.

Thanks for stoppin' by!!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

January 2010 Photobook

Click here to view this photo book larger

It has Arrived!!!

I was so excited to see what the mailman had for me yesterday. Our January 2010 Photobook! I finished this book in World Record Time!!!! With a little push from my daughter and my friends at Mousescrappers (esp Cindy!!!) I scrapped 98 pages in in less than 4 months. This was also my first 12x12 book. I'm really not used to my layouts this size but overall I am really happy with it. My daughter is thrilled and spent over an hour last night reading all of the journaling and looking at all the pictures.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hello and Welcome my very first blog post! I am really excited to finally be able to do this. I have been designing for myself and sharing freebies with others for over two years now. I have now created my own Little Corner of the World to share my "stuff" from one place! I have (finally) completed my first kit and I'm thrilled to be able to unveil it here.

It's called The Magic of Magenta and it's the first of a series of monochromatic kits that I am working on. I love working in a monochromatic theme!!!! I also like being able to put my own color combo's together based on my photos so having a number of different colors of these kits can allow me to do that easily.
This kit contains 44 elements, 12 papers and a full Alpha.
It is currently selling for $5.50.

Thanks for stopping by........... Natalie