Saturday, March 30, 2019

Erin Go Bragh

 Hi everyone.... welcome to spring! I am celebrating with all things green and the first is my new let's get our Irish on!

this kit contains 24 papers, 10 flowers, 2 leaves, 3 borders, 4 shamrocks, 2 ricracs, 10 ribbons, 3 trims, a berry pick, a flourish, a pot of gold, a rainbow, a fiddle, a bow, 5 frames, a harp, 2 pints of beer, 4 beer tap handles, 2 scatters, an irish hat, a leprechaun, a castle, a horseshoe, a burst, 15 word tags and 3 alphas.

and for a little inspiration

and a gift from me...

Friday, March 8, 2019

let's go back in time...

to a time of the dinosaurs!

this kit contains 19 papers, 13 flowers, 11 ribbons, 1 trim, 1 stitch line, 1 ricrac, 4 leaves, 1 leaf element, 3 borders, a sand scatter, a sand overlay, a bone, a pith helmet, a shovel, 2 calipers, a brush, a comet, 2 dinosaur eggs, 3 dinosaurs, 3 dinosaur skeletons, 2 clocks, a volcano, a burst, a lightning bolt, 4 spirals, a triceratops, a land rover, a string, 3 frames, a light string, a fossil, a universe element, footprints, a meteorite element, an arrow, 4 journal cards, 5 word tag and 2 alphas.

and here's some inspiration  from wonderful team!

and a little gift from me to you...

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

It's a small world after all

Hi All....
I hope everyone is having a safe and cozy winter. It's yet another snow day here in Central Pa and we're just hunkered down waiting for spring!

Here is my latest...
A tribute to the Happiest Cruise that ever sailed!

it contains 26 papers, 10 flowers, 7 ribbons, 4 ricrac, 3 leaves, 2 berry picks, 6 frames, 3 trims, a pom fringe, 5 bursts, stitching, 2 borders, a string, a sun, a moon, 12 children, a zebra, a giraffe, a hippo, a kangaroo, a toucan, an eiffel tower, a pagoda, a leaning tower, a taj mahal,a mexican temple, a windmill, 4 hot air balloons, a boat, a rain element, a rainbow, a globe, a glockenspiel, a glockenspiel tower, 4 word tags, 9 journal cards, 5 themed elements and three alphas.

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 here is some inspiration from my wonderful team

 and a few from me

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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Happy Holidays Everyone!
I Hope everyone is having a wonderful wonderful holiday season!!!! 

I have a new collection that is inspired by a lovely Scottish lass....

This kit contains 20 papers, 8 flowers, 2 leaves, 1 pine branch, 1 berry stem, 8 ribbons, 2 ricracs, 1 string, 1 trim, 2 circles, 3 celtic elements, 4 frams, a crown, a target, a bow, an arrow, a castle, 4 bears, 4 borders, a princess, 2 flairs, a flag, a flourish, a coin scatter, a piece of lace, a wisp, 8 word tags and an alpha.

and for a little inspiration

and a little gift from me