Sunday, February 15, 2015

Heading back to Pixie Hollow

It has been so cold here in Central PA that I just had to create something warm and sunny. What better inspiration than a light fairy that lives in a sunflower and creates rainbows!

this kit contains 14 papers, 7 flowers, 10 ribbons, 2 ricracs, 2 leaves, a stem, 2 silverdollar branches, a flourish, 3 frames, 2 japanese lantern branches, 2 sequin scatters, 3 lanters, a firefly, a firefly trail,a light sprinkle, a sparkle trail, a berry pick, blades of grass, a light border, a seed border, a sunflower seed, 4 lighted mushroom stakes, hanging lamps, a firefly overlay, a circle element, a fairy, a fairy wing, a sun, stitching, a string, a seed scatter, a piece of lace and an alpha.

My Creative Team really rocked this kit
and I have a little something sparkly to share
and as always

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Welcome to Agrabah

Hi everyone....

 I hope all of you are staying safe and warm..... Winter is in full swing here in Central PA.

Here is my latest..... let it take you to a whole new world!

this kit contains 20 papers, 10 flowers, 3 flairs,3 feathers, a peacock feather, 2 flourishes, 2 smoke trails, 2 bows, 3 buttons, 2 jeweled trims,  4 frames, 5 borders, 6 leaves, 3 word strips, 11 ribbons, 1 ricrac, 1 stitched line, a tiger, a palace, a palm tree, a genie lantern, a genie bottle, a fez, a parrot, a scarab, a sequin scatter,  a sparkle overlay, a golden overlay, an hourglass, a genie silhouette, a jewel spray, a camel,  a flying carpet, a cloud, 4 jeweled elements and 3 alphas

for inspiration
and a little something to share
and as always

Monday, December 29, 2014

What a Dog!!!!

Hi everyone!  I hope everyone had a great Holiday... full of happiness, good food, family and friends!

I have been busy with the holidays and work but still have been creating...

here is my latest

and I made a little something to share
and as always

Monday, December 1, 2014

I love peacocks

Hi all....

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday!!!!!

Here is my latest..... created for a very special friend..... inspired by the feathers of a peacock and the world of art deco.....

it contains 17 papers, 6 frames, 3 leaves, 8 flowers, 4 flourishes, 3flairs, 3 borders, 2 berry picks, 7 peacock feather elements, 4 buttons, a deco bow, 2 glitter scatters, lace, 9 ribbons, 3 ricrac, 2 peacocks, a peacock crown element, a sparkle trail, stitches and 2 alphas

here is some inspiration from my CT
and one from me
and a little freebie from me